New Generation CNC

With the Industrial and Advanced Controller Osai Italy closed loop (Closed Loop)
CE Marked from Europe

    • Fully automatic no need for zeros
    • Smart Pneumatic bevel with Cast Body
    • German design chassis with 10 mm sheet
    • Central lubrication system
    • Tabletop made of bone fiber in thickness of 4 cm
    • Vacuum system with 16 drainage and drainage areas of the table integrated
    • Power control panel with powerful computer for easy design and navigation
    • Automatic switching with Italian spindle 24000rpm / 9kw

Vacuum press machine

    • Anti-wrinkle system
    • Tray pressure control system
    • Velocity pull control system
    • Perform bending and natural sheathing
    • PLC control system with 7-inch touch screen
    • Fireproof wires with silicone and silicone coatings
    • Aluminum plate on tray to exchange heat with the environment
    • Enclosure placement of elements from a mirror steel to maximize energy exposure

Model : MAKER B2

Model : MAKER B1

Model : MAKER C

Model : MAKER E

    • Custom Features:

    • Laser temperature sensor
    • Vacuum pump up to 300 cubic meters per hour
    • Install the silicone plate in different thicknesses
    • Height adjustable head for bending and cladding of parts with high altitude

Painting Machine

    • An integrated line with a length of 35 meters
    • 1 unit for UV lacquer
    • Ability to operate 3 shifts a day
    • Line speed up to 20 meters per minute adjustable
    • Color Radiator Dryer with Highest Efficiency
    • Equipped with UV Dryer Unit with 4 bulb lines up to 96 kw
    • Equipped with 4 female color units that can work with a variety of colors

"MDF Sheet Painting Machine"