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New design of vacuum press model,E3

    • control by PLC and color HMI 7in
    • equipped with membrane for bending MDF also for working with natural veneer
    • has a hydraulic lift with tow-way jack
    • dimensios of table ; 3m * 1.4m
    • vacuum pump ; 250m3/hr

Best manufacturer of wood machinery in five years

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The certification of standard markings from the European Union for the products of this company in 2011, and the export of manufactured machinery to Turkey, Amman, Iraq, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan, are a testimonial to the glory of the company, and a proof of its technical and intellectual power.

About us

The "Dorfak Machine" Machinery was founded in 2006, on the basis of the technical learning and capacity of young Iranian engineers, and on the basis of research and development in the manufacture and development of wood machinery in the country;
in its first year, the vacuum press was introduced for the first time in the country, and, in the course of the success of "Dorfak Machine", in 2011 and 2012 it introduced the first cold and hot roller presses, 122 and 183 inches wide.

The manufacturing of the first all automatic coating line manufactured in the country for coatings of sheets of a length of cm183 in 2012, being another golden entry in the history of the machinery of the wood industry, is a continuation of the progress and improvement of modern technology in the machinery manufactured in the country, and in 2013 a close collaboration took place between this company and Osai of Italy, which resulted in the production of machines of the latest world technology and the highest quality.

Some products

vacuum press E

CNC flat 1830

vacuum press B2


vacuum press C

vacuum press B1

vacuum press model,E3

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Office address: No 1.813, South first street, 8 Sahand St, Sahand Industrial Town, chahardange, tehran, IRAN

mobile : 09125129916

Email : rezakeshavarz971@gmail.com